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About Us

At Attic & Eaves Home Inspections, we have coupled our deep passion for connecting with individuals and helping to address their pain-points with an impeccable attention to detail. We leverage our entrepreneurial spirit to provide residential and commercial home inspection services to New York and Connecticut provides our customers with a trusted service provider.


Professional Background

Owner and Operator, Bill Barrett, is a life-long resident of Putnam and Westchester counties and along with his wife, have decided to continue building these roots and raise their children here. After obtaining a B.S. in Political Science from Western Connecticut State University, Bill built a career across multiple industry sectors, but always maintained a thread of customer focus through relationship building at his core value. 


Excellence and Professionalism

Bill's experience with home construction across multiple trades and having worked across hospitality, financial services and corporate logistics, have all come together to build a breath of knowledge in helping clients fulfill their needs.


Contact Us Today!

After investing in their first home, Bill realized the tremendous opportunity and joy homeownership can provide, but also the stresses and costs that unforeseen issues can bring. At Attic & Eaves, we are passionate about delivering professional insight and guidance to our clients to help them along their unique home transaction journeys. When Bill is not inspecting or maintaining his own home, you will likely find him outdoors taking advantage of water either in the frozen form on the ski slopes or as liquid on a lake. Please reach out us and we can work to understand your unique inspection needs and help navigate your journey.

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